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Germany seal of quality for vocational training

The highly regarded dual system of vocational training in Germany falls into trap. On the one hand the number of applicants sinks concerning the continuous negative demographical development. On the other hand a qualitative intensification of market conditions through requirements of increasing complex world of work arrives. The implications: more and more companies cannot fill adequate their places to train.

Here the seal of quality attaches: BEST PLACE TO LEARN helps to realize modern quality standards within the vocational training so the dual training system gets more attractive for talented school-leaver.

At the same time the companies receive important starting points for conceptual course settings by the results of the auditing. With these results companies get the opportunity to train weak school-leavers successfully.

The Seal of quality BEST PLACE TO LEARN:

  • intensifies the understanding for necessity of a quality-oriented occupational training,
  • gives an orientation framework to the companies what nowadays a good training means
  • shows the strengths and weaknesses of the vocational training in the course of a 360 ° survey
  • enables to measure the quality of vocational training and to evaluate the results with other operational organizational units, branches and apprenticing companies within a cross comparison
  • helps to define changing objects and to organize strategic adequate measures
  • supports the transparency on the training market and helps school-leaver as independent signpost to qualitative training companies
  • increase the attractiveness and force of attraction as training company and promote the image of companies

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