Find out about the Dos and Don'ts in working life

Dos Don'ts
Keep to the occupational clothing and the dress code, if there is any. If you have piercings, you should better take them out at work or ask your superior/ the manager about it. Don't listen to music in the workplace – even if you do it quietly with your headphones. This might create the impression that you are not concentrating on your work.
Be a fair and polite colleague. Help to create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Don't place your mobile/ smart phone obviously at your work place. Don't forget to turn it into the silent mode or turn it off. A ringing or vibrating phone is a No-Go if there are other people in the room.
Keep your workplace clean and tidy. This makes it easier to find things you need and it creates the impression of you being a well-organised employee. Don't smoke!!! Even if there is no “Rauchen verboten” (No smoking) sign, it IS prohibited in public places in Germany (except designated smoking areas). Ask a superior if you may smoke outside. It might be the case, that smoking time is deducted from your break.
Be on time for meetings with colleagues, your manager or any other superiors – and also in the morning when you go to work, of course! Don't talk to your colleagues about private issues all the time. Especially in offices where people concentrate on many different tasks, talking to them distracts them from work and creates a bad impression of your working attitude.
Address everyone (superiors and colleagues) with the formal "Sie" form until they offer you to say "Du". Don't leave too early if not having agreed with your superior. You should keep to the regular working hours in general or ask to leave early in exceptional cases. Working on a flexitime basis is of course different.
Relationships among colleagues are not a rarity. However, you should not “love” your girlfriend or boyfriend too obviously in the workplace. Don't forget that you are still colleagues and have to deal with each other on a professional level.
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