School and Exams

If you do your vocational training within the German “dual training system” you spend one part of your training period in the training company and the other part at a training school. This means that there are exams to be taken again, of course. But that will not be a problem for you. See our tips and information on examinations at school.

The school system in Germany might vary to some extent from that of your home country. When being asked about your school-leaving qualification, it is therefore difficult what to answer because it is not possible to “translate” one to one. Find out how this is being handled under “School-leaving qualifications in Europe”.

Also see what kinds of additional education opportunities there are.

All about exams

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Exams are not really something one feels joyful about. But there’s no need to be afraid of them either! On the following pages, we provide you with useful information on examinations during your training period.

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