Further training

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Vocational training is the first step towards professional life, but it does not have to be the last! You can already start doing further training and achieving additional qualifications during your training period. And also after your training period, training needn’t be over! It is up to you if you extend your general knowledge, your occupational qualification or start your studies at university.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student looking for a training place, a trainee or a graduate – AUBI-plus provides you with all necessary information on higher educational opportunities.

But why participating in further training/ higher education?

General Further Training

This type of further training applies to your personal needs and interests and therefore lies in the area of free-time activities. Catching up on school and completing one’s school-leaving qualification for example comes under this type. But general further training is more than that. There are plenty of language courses, seminars in terms of art and literature, health, computer and information technology, politics, ecology and others. The VHS (Volkshochschule) for example is an institution that offers lots of general further training programmes.

General further training can be useful for your working life as well, for example when having successfully completed a language course.

Occupational Further Training

Occupational further training aims at improving your occupational skills. There are three different types:

Retraining: Retraining is a re-orientation with regard to your occupational activities. Already existing knowledge allows you to reduce the training period for the "new” profession. In the end, you will have an officially recognised training qualification for a second profession.

Training for career development: Training for career development requires work experience in your former profession. You will achieve a higher occupational qualification and be promoted to a higher position within a company.

In-service training: In-service training “updates” already existing knowledge and skills. It informs you on changes and qualifies you to practise your profession according to recent developments.

Further Education at Universities / Colleges

It does not only apply to university graduates, but also to persons who want to develop their occupational qualifications. Offered programmes pick up the thread of work experiences. A Bachelor’s degree can be achieved extra-occupationally. These programmes are offered by universities, universities of applied sciences/ advanced technical colleges and other institutes for higher education.

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