Reporting sick

If you fall ill or have an accident and are not able to go to work, you need to contact your employer (or principal) immediately, ideally at the beginning of the working day, and report sick. You also need to estimate when you will probably be fit again.

Be careful!
If you forget to report sick, the company can give you a written warning and a dismissal if it happens twice.

Medical certificate

A medical certificate (“Krankenschein”, “Attest” or “Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung”) must be handed in if you have been ill and not able to work for three days already. You need to go and see a doctor then who will examine you and is entitled to write you such a certificate. This must be handed in at your company on the fourth day of absence at the latest.

In this case, not working days, but calendar days are being counted. For example, if you fall ill on a Friday the medical certificate must be handed in by Monday. Some companies ask their employees to hand it in already on the first day of illness, but this is rather the exception.

Illness and training school

If you fall ill on a day that you would usually have to attend training school, you need to report sick at both your training company and your training school.

Sick pay

In principle, if you are ill you are paid the usual amount of salary. As a trainee, you are only paid if you have already been working in the company for at least four weeks.

When the period of illness exceeds a duration of six weeks you will be paid sick pay (“Krankengeld”). This is no longer paid by your employer, but by your health insurance. It amounts to 70% of your gross salary which you earned right before you fell ill.

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